Rotator Cuff Injury: Prevention Tips

by Administrator 23. February 2015 11:42

Rotator Cuff is made of tendons and muscles, which help in the movement of the shoulders. An injury to it can lead to pain and inflammation in the shoulder, which may disrupt its normal functioning. Here are some prevention tips that help you avoid the injury.

Reduce Repetitive Overuse

The major cause of rotator cuff injury is the overuse of the muscles. Certain jobs and activities require you to perform repetitive shoulder action, which puts strain on the rotator cuff muscles. To avoid this situation you should try to use both arms or switch the arms to do the task. This will offer rest to the rotator cuff muscles in the arm and is especially important for people who regularly lift and carry heavy objects at work.

Avoid Sleeping On One Side

If you sleep on your side for long it will put pressure on your shoulder and cause damage to the rotator cuff. As your entire weight lies on the shoulder it not only harms the rotator cuff but also puts a large amount of stress on the shoulder joint. Chronic side sleepers often develop rounded shoulders and their rotator cuff muscles weaken. The situation ultimately leads to chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Improve Your Posture

Another problem that often leads to rotator cuff injury is wrong posture. You should have a strong and stable posture to avoid the injury. You should try and keep your arm close to your body when lifting heavy weights and avoid putting undue strain on your shoulder. By carrying weight close to your body, you can prevent rotator cuff injury. You must keep your elbows at your side as it keeps your shoulder musculature in a stable position.

Warm Up Before Exercise

It is crucial that you perform warm up exercises before playing or doing any strenuous activities that involve the shoulder. As warm muscles are stronger, flexible and faster, they can bear stress and tension easily without taxing the rotator cuff muscles. If you do weight lifting or play sports such as basketball, cricket, baseball, tennis, etc., that involve repeated shoulder movement, you must start with a warm up session.

By strengthening your cuff muscles and exercising them regularly you can make sure that they are strong enough to bear any wear and tear. You should exercise properly and make sure you work under expert supervision to avoid over straining your shoulder.

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